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You found the Beef Jerky!

Sparky is pulling inventory from Ebay, Amazon and his own warehouse to display in one place for ease of ordering and comparing prices, quality, and opinions of this highly sought after commodity!  Sparky also displays nuts, fruits, vegetables, meals and pet food!

This place displays food and jerky supplies for Camping, Extreme excursions, Sea-Survival, Underground survival, Desert Survival and just for food to fill-up that root cellar! Like the folks in the rural areas all over the world, now you can find dried goods to last a full year in case of drought or artificial scarcity. The power is on now but when it goes out for 4 days or more, everyone gets hungry.

Good for gamers too! Rip open a bag of jerky strips and forget about wasting time in the kitchen!

We looked into jerky as a great snack food since all the experts say brain power comes from protein and caffeine! The last update on the store removes all product that could be construed as impulse buying products. What this means is you are searching for snacks for your big table top game, maybe you are a member of some big wig gaming group and need a bunch of low fat or at least keep the hyper-activity to a minimum and the brain power to a maximum food snack. Jump on Jerkybunker and plan that next event with a small bulk order of Game or Beef jerky.  I know you want to! Me two!

Our apologies for the AA- Team being a bit of a turtle-head: The menu is “iffy” hold down mouse button while scrolling to hold the sub-menu open. Thank you and comment often!!!

We got jerky – insects too!


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