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Crik Protein Review

Ok We know what you must be thinking, “I will not eat the bug!” Yah, Right!

We’ve been following this product since its debut some years ago on that invest in startups show from Canada. Those investors passed on this idea and now missed the boat. This stuff is truly amazing. We’ve ordered our first canister to begin taste testing for a direct review and will update this post when that happens. In the meantime the excitement is growing since it’s now available for you health fanatics and bodybuilders out there. Take a “Buy Now” button through our store then go ahead and order from amazon or ebay. They’ll send us a thank you note for having the link here.

Check some of the amazon reviews to learn more about these crickets, raising them, crushing their dried husks into powder to make this into something great! Reviews are actually here at for you to read before going out to the shopping cart.

Crik kicked off from Indiegogo and made its funding mark. Should see at GNC and other shops very soon. In the meantime we can order online at great discount pricing!

Please feel free to  check out this product. We don’t know how long we can keep this free link active

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