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Sparky’s Jerky Bunker is an affiliate website designed to bring together all things great about beef jerky on the web. You will find buying products takes you to Amazon, Ebay, and our publisher sites in order to find your favorite high protein snacks. Good for students, traveling, camping and storing away for a rainy day. When you take a link away from our site, no worries! The site knows you came from here and will be kind enough to slide a little money our way to keep the site in operation. This is not an addon to your purchase or built into the prices. Cost you nothing extra and we receive a thank you in the form of a small commission that would have gone to another advertising firm.

Montage to C-Rations

Enjoy the site, we hope the videos in the BLOG help you prepare meals faster, better and with some of the flare field operatives have used for generations. Yes, generations. Maybe we should do a montage to C-Rations…just for fun.

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